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The Montessori Child

Established Preschool Education in SE Calgary

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Learning in harmony with life.

The Montessori Child provides children between the ages 16 months and 6 years a non-graded, carefully prepared environment with hands-on, concrete Montessori materials, guided by a fully AMI* qualified Montessori educator with intensive local and international experience. By means of their own purposeful activity, effort and will, The Montessori Child encourages each child to progress from one stage of development to the next, through an individual program consisting of language development, reading and writing skills, history, sensorial training, mathematics, biology, geography, practical life skills, geometry, art, music, movement and more.

With over 25 years of Montessori teaching experience (including teaching at AMI certified schools) and a diploma in Child Psychology, the instructor at The Montessori Child provides a cultivated educational experience for students. The Montessori Child enters it's 17th year this year.

Our proven teaching method, based on scientific observation and continuous research are designed to involve the whole child in the learning process which enables them to develop self confidence, independence, inner discipline and a love of learning in a safe, stable environment. Based on Dr, Montessori's principles and practices, The Montessori Child conducts parent education and encourages observations of children at work.


Since Ruby was Elizabeth´s first teacher at a formal school setting, the importance of her teaching abilities cannot be underestimated. She is everything a parent could wish for in a Montessori Pre-School teacher. She is well-versed in the philosophy of Montessori, has endless patience and fine teaching skills. Her warm, caring personality nurtured our child and provided a solid foundation from which Elizabeth could safely explore every aspect of learning."

- Jay D. Winans
"Ruby has a calm strength which is felt by her students and which easily gains her confidence with them. She has been helpful in providing information on parenting from a Montessori perspective, which has been most welcome..."

- Jamie L. Scluessel
"It is my belief that Ruby is not only a loving mother but also a well-rounded individual who lives by the principles of sharing knowledge, mutual understanding and respect she always advocated at Montessori School."

- Dr. Daniela Sovak

*Denotes "Association Montessori Internationale", established in 1929 by Dr. Montessori to maintain, propagate, and further her ideas and principles for the full development of human being. AMI, with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is the oldest recognized authority on Montessori education worldwide. While the name Montessori may be used by anyone, the educational standards, rigorous teacher training, consultation and materials employed by AMI insures high standards in Montessori Schools.
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